Classic Tap Dance Studio in Keizer, OR.  Classes in Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, and more.  Friendly atmosphere and exciting teachers.

Classic Tap Dance Studio Teachers


Liz Goff, Owner | Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap

Liz Goff has been dancing and singing since the age of 4. She studied ballet, jazz and hip hop from various studios in Salem and Portland as a young girl, while all along learning tap from her uncle Dan Wold and mother Jane Raddatz. Growing up in a musical environment created a love for the arts in Liz that has been a constant throughout her life. Performing in musicals such as “Godspell” and “Little Shop of Horrors” in high school only added to Liz's love of music and dance. When Classic Tap opened in 1999, along with taking lessons herself, she began teaching jazz to a one-student class and never looked back!

Over the years Liz has visited several other studios in the U.S. and taken many Master Classes from phenomenal teachers including Triche Sylvester, Germaine Salsberg, Anthony LoCascio, Nancy Traina and Brenda Buffalino. She has been lucky enough to learn a variety of styles throughout the years and truly pulls technique from every class she's ever taken or observed. Liz's passion for dance is apparent and she loves to share that passion with each and every student she has come across in the last 16 years....children and adults alike!

In October of 2014, the family business was passed down to Liz, and she became the new owner of Classic Tap Dance Studio. Liz hopes to continue and expand upon the legacy left by her mother and uncle. She believes that having a knowledgeable and talented staff of instructors is important, but not the main ingredient in running a successful dance studio. The key is for those instructors to not only be great dancers and have vast technical knowledge, but to also possess an abundance of love and passion for teaching others! Liz and all the teachers at Classic Tap truly care for their students, and consider every member to be part of the Classic Tap Family!

When she's not at the studio heckling the students, parents and staff, Liz enjoys spending her time with her wonderful Husband, two fantastic sons and a spectacular group of amazing friends and family!


Jane Raddatz | Tap

Jane Raddatz began dancing and performing before she was four years old with her first teacher, Lew Harder, having learned her first steps from watching her older brother, Danny Wold, take class.  Starting at age five, Jane became a student of Lew Ballatore in Tacoma, Washington, where she studied tap, tumbling, ballet, and ballroom. Mr. Ballatore was a noted gymnast, tumbler, tap and ballroom dancer, and choreographer, connected with dance and entertainment greats such as Louis DePron, Fred Astaire, Dick van Dyke, Bob Hope, and more. After dancing and performing with her brother Danny all around the Tacoma area through high school, Jane went on to assist Mr. Ballatore teach ballroom for several years. 

Jane and her family moved to the Willamette Valley in the late 1980s, where she began teaching after-school tap classes and private lessons. In 1999, Jane and her brother Danny opened Classic Tap Dance Studio. The studio has remained a true family business for the past 17 years, having been passed down to Jane's daughter, Liz Goff, in 2014.

In addition to her dance experience with Mr. Ballatore, over the years Jane has had the opportunity to take class with Debbie Allen, Jason Samuels Smith, Arthur Duncan, Chloe Arnold, Robert Reed, Brenda Buffalino, original Tap Dog Anthony Locasio, Diane Walker, and others.

One of Jane's biggest thrills is seeing someone start dancing at a young age and watching them progress and grow as dancers, having the privilege to pass forward her own passion of dance. She credits Lew Ballatore as her greatest influence and owes everything to him - she would not be the dancer and teacher she is today, nor would Classic Tap exist without Mr. Ballatore.

Renee Meier | Hip Hop

Renee Meier has been a hip -hop instructor at Classic Tap for nearly sixteen years. Her love of dance and passion for teaching has been passed down from generations. Beginning dance at age 3 in tap, ballet and Jazz, she soon found she needed more creativity in her life, finding hip-hop was like coming home. She has had the opportunity to study under some very influential choreographers such as Dave Scott and Shane Sparks. Renee accredits her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology to helping her forge techniques for teaching dance to a plethora of personalities and abilities throughout the years. Her skill as a choreographer and instruction has led her to instruct master classes and personal instruction. Renee was also a dance instructor at Chemeketa Community College. Her passion for teaching dance led to a career as a school teacher as well.

When Renee is not teaching dance or math to second graders she is spending time with her three kids and husband on their farm in Jewell, OR. She is president of the PTO and continues to further her education in both dance and academic instruction. The philosophy she has taught throughout her career and a saying she lives by is, “Dance As IF No One Is Watching”.


Kala Shafer bio photo.jpeg

Kala Shafer | Ballet, Tap, Contemporary

Kala Shafer has studied a variety of dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, salsa, hula, Irish, and ballroom. After dancing with Classic Tap through high school, she went on to graduate from Western Oregon University in 2011 with a B.A. in Humanities and a Dance minor. During her time at Western she studied under Dance Professors Deborah Jones, Amy Rance McDonnell, Sharon Oberst, and Darryl Thomas. Kala dances with Freedom Dance Company, based out of Monmouth Oregon. The summer of 2013 she joined the teaching staff at Classic Tap where she currently teaches Ballet, Tap, and Contemporary.

Kala believes dance is a whole body art form. She strives to provide a solid foundation of technical understanding, while challenging her students to connect mentally and emotionally to their physical movement.



Bentley Michaels | Tap

Bentley Michaels has been Tap Dancing since the age of 15 and has taught all over the United States! With class age ranging from 3-86 and in all different environments and communities, Bentley likes to keep his focus on the best techniques and the rhythm, making Tap another part of the music. 

It all started when he went to New York at the age of 15, and after sneaking away from his group and buying tickets in Time Square to see Savion Glover’s: Bring in Da Noise Bring Da Funk on Broadway... This young man, flourishing a bootlegged double VHS copy of Titanic, declared to his mother (after bestowing Kate and Leo upon her) I need to learn how to Tap Dance! 

Almost a year later Bentley met Jane while she was in a production for the Pentacle Theatre. Jane said that her brother and her were starting a dance studio with a focus on Tap! One day walking home from school Bentley saw people in the studio working and went in. Danny ended up showing him a few Gregory Hines steps and the rest is history. 

Bentley has been very lucky to study with a lot of great Tap Dancers. He was friends with and learned a lot from The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, also studying with their teacher Cindy Brenn. He has had the pleasure of studying with Diane Walker, Brenda Bufalino, Joe Webb, Jason Samuels Smith, Jason Rodgers, Derek Grant, Chantel Heath, Joseph Wiggan, Chloe Arnold, Melinda Sullivan many many more. 

When Bentley isn’t practicing or teaching Tap, he is working from his home studio doing Voice Overs for film, television and radio, also creating music for some of the projects as well. He spends as much time with his two teenage kids as possible and enjoys long walks through neighborhood with his dog Lucas.


Hannah Anderson | Tap, Ballet

I danced with Classic Tap for 14 years, primarily performing in tap and ballet as well as jazz and contemporary. I have attended various master classes and conventions including JUMP and National Tap Dance Day, learning from choreographers such as Andrew Winghart, Al Blackstone, and Mike Minery. However, I owe much of my experience and enjoyment of dance to Jane Raddatz and Danny Wold, from whom I learned and grew a great deal in my passion and skill. While I strive to provide a solid foundation for future growth in dance, I also aim to create a safe and enjoyable environment to spread kindness and a passion for this art form.

Outside of dance, I enjoy being in the outdoors hiking or running, photography, and being with friends and family as well as serving and participating in my church. After graduating college I hope to pursue a career involving business and marketing or politics. I am passionate about helping and serving others as well as my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sarah Greco | Substitute

Sarah has had 20 years of dance experience. She started dancing at the age of 5 years old, in Portland, Oregon at Stites Performing Arts Center, under the direction of Shanon Barker. Over the years, Sarah has had experience in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, and gymnastics. Some of her teachers were Amy Bonaduce, Jason and Michelle Davis, DJ Rayley, Jennifer Dubac, Keith Goodman and Reene Adams. Sarah was also a member of the Kelly Kadet Baton Corp for 7 years. As a baton twirler, Sarah also learned some juggling skills. Later on, Sarah studied dance at Western Oregon University, taking ballet, modern, hip hop, Improvisation, African and West African drumming, from Darryl Thomas, Carl Massey, Sharon Oberst and Amy McDonnell. 

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